The Not-So-Ordinary Holiday Survival Guide

November 2, 2010

Experts on JustAnswer Weigh In on Everything from Holiday Etiquette to Turkey Hunting 101


Along with the holiday celebrations come inevitable questions.  Whether it’s the puppy getting into a box of chocolates or your in-laws confounding you this Christmas, where can you turn for quick, answers? This year you can easily get answers on JustAnswer, the largest online paid Question & Answer site that offers information from thousands of real Experts.


With Thanksgiving and New Year’s around the corner, here are a few tips to make sure your Holidays are happy and stress free:

·       Tired of Store-Bought Turkeys? Learn How to Hunt Your Own! Firearms Expert Tom Tindal suggests that you make sure you have the essentials: first and foremost, you’ll need a hunting license and turkey tag. These can easily be purchased at your local sporting goods store or online via your local Department of Game & Fishing. Timing is everything - make sure you plan ahead since turkey season varies by state. Lastly, location, location, location! Turkeys roost in large trees with solid branches, usually near the edge of the woods near corn or grain fields. Remember, turkeys are smarter than you think and can easily detect a human nearby, so proceed with extreme silence and camouflage!

·       How to Get Your Kids into Healthy Eating Habits Around the Holidays: Make it Fun! Doctor Jeff Giullian advocates swapping high sugar and fatty ingredients in kid-friendly snacks, like “Rice Krispie” treats with a butter substitute or sweetener alternative like Agave. Don’t forget that physical activity is extra important around the Holidays! Create activities where the kids can get involved, like making a game out of how many logs they can stack, with the goal of 30-60 minutes of vigorous play time each day.

·       Did Fido Just Eat A Christmas Ornament? How to Avoid a Trip to the Pet Hospital. Veterinarian Gary Ryder says to keep Fido away from the following holiday-themed items which can all be toxic and dangerous for animals: any chocolate (especially bakers chocolate and dark chocolate), lilies and poinsettias, and decorative items such as tinsel and table scraps high in fat (like holiday hams and filets).

·       How to Protect Your Wallet During the Holiday Shopping Binge? Think Twice Before You Swipe! Attorney Paul Moretti cautions to watch your surroundings when making purchases with credit cards. With today’s cell phone technology, thieves can snap pictures of your credit card and use it to commit fraud. When it comes to gift giving, CPA Anita Eisthen emphasizes the importance of creating a total budget as well as a per-person spending limit so you don’t overextend. Ms. Eisthen also suggests store layaway plans, which are coming back in fashion.

·       Where to Spend the Holidays? Tips on How to Please Everyone, Including Your In-Laws. Licensed Professional Counselor Sybil Keane suggests discussing your family plan with relatives early enough so they don’t feel slighted; newlyweds should alternate holidays with respective in-laws so they're starting off on the right foot. Worst case scenario: find an alternative date to celebrate with your family & friends!


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