JustAnswer® Adds Live Chat Feature for On-Demand Access to Experts

July 20, 2010


 • JustAnswer, the largest paid Q&A site, is now offering Live Chat for customers who want real-time help from verified 

   Doctors, Mechanics, Veterinarians, Computer Technicians and other Experts. 

 • With the real-time capabilities of the Live Chat feature, customers can now have on-demand access to Experts.

 • Live Chat is now available in over 80 countries, across more than 100 JustAnswer categories to provide customers with a

   new way to access answers from thousands of Experts. 

 • Early tests have revealed that customers prefer the instantaneous and comprehensive experience of chat sessions

   compared to the slower back and forth of the Q&A thread.

 • Live Chat has had early success with some of the most popular categories on the site including Home Improvement,

   Electronics, Computer and Car.

 • Live Chat is enabled once an Expert responds via the instant message window so that the Expert is able to answer

   additional follow-up questions and information requests in real-time.

 • The feature is available throughout the conversation until the customer is satisfied with the Expert’s answer.


 • Get on-demand access to any Expert including a Doctor, Mechanic, Veterinarian, Computer Technician and more.

 • Added layer of convenience with near instant Expert response available 24/7.

 • Easy instant message format that most are already familiar with.

 • A higher level of immediate gratification, which is especially important with Health, Car and Electronic questions since

   some questions are best answered in real-time.

 • Ability to quickly understand the customer’s question by asking for clarifying details to help get the customer the best

   answer almost instantaneously.



 • The situation: A customer recently replaced a gasket on his ’98 Ford Mustang but now the car idles rough. He needs help

   from a mechanic on whether or not this could be the O2 sensor or something else so he can continue driving his car.

 • The solution: Ron, expert Ford Mechanic on JustAnswer, was able to work with the customer quickly to help find what

   might cause the idling. After referencing a diagram and receiving more information, he recommended the customer

   recheck his spark plug. The customer was able to fix the rough idle without having to pay a

   mechanic hundreds of dollars.

 • To see an example of the full question and answer, please visit JustAnswer’s Live Chat.



 • “Live Chat was created for time-strapped people who don’t have the opportunity to sift through pages of information

   looking for answers. Today’s customer expects instant help available to them in real-time, so JustAnswer is committed to

   providing a platform that allows for that access to our customers.” 

 • “When testing Live Chat, we found that many of the customers preferred the real-time access to Experts – especially in

   situations where they wanted information immediately.”

 • “Questions average around $18, which is really an insignificant fee considering the one-on-one interaction with a real

   Accountant, Doctor, Lawyer, Veterinarian or one of many other verified Experts.”  



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 • JustAnswer is a website where people go when they want an answer from a Doctor, Lawyer, Mechanic or one of

   thousands of third-party verified Experts one-on-one. 

 • Millions with questions come to the site for affordable and fast answers in more than 150 categories, ranging from

   Medical to Legal.

 • Typically questions cost about $18 and take 10 minutes to get responded to. 

 • JustAnswer has millions of registered users across more than 145 countries.

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